The Minimalist Collection

Minimalist Collection by Adarna & Charms

These are our necklaces and pendants that provide specific and concentrated charms for Love, Money, Personal and Career Growth, Power and more. 

The Minimalist Collection is comprised of the following necklaces and pendants: 


💎 Lucky Genie - The most powerful pendant of Adarna & Charms have yet to offer. Those who wear Lucky Genie equips themself immense luck in their life may it be in Wealth/Money/Business, Career, Family, Friends, Health, and Love & Romance 

💎 I Love You 3000 - Promotes well-being and love to those who wear it and those the pendant surrounds. Protects the wearer from bad energies + charms the wearer with good health.

💎 The Lucky Clover - Charmes those who wear it to be lucky in Money, Career, Health, and Relationships. The perfect companion to your daily journey. 

💎 The Growth Magnifier - Guides and blesses those who wear it in their personal journey not limited to: Career, Education/Studies, Love, Relationships. Provides you the wisdom that ensures you make the BEST decision at all times. 

💎 The 3 Champions - Grants you Power, Command, and Control to your fate. Gives you immeasurable confidence to power you through everything.

💎 The Golden Sunflower - Best for those who are constantly around the well-being of others as The Golden Sunflower grants the wearer and to those that are around her (or him!) countless blessings in many ways and form.

💎The Goldbar of Faith - Strengthens the faith of the wearer not just in Religous Faith but also in his/her own beliefs and values. Protects the wearer and those around it as well from negative energies.


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