Adarna & Charms Story - About Us

Adarna & Charms is an online-exclusive store established by an All-Filipino Team to pay tribute to the legendary magical creature popular in the Philippines, Ibong Adarna, and all the luck and magical powers it possesses. Adarna & Charms also brings Filipinos closer to stronger, more unique. and more effective charms from different parts of the world including multi-awarded charms: Taiwan's Grand Lucky Genie, Japan's Golden Dragon Money Pouch, Brazil's Golden Arrowhead Talisman and much more.

Adarna & Charms since 2018 has been spreading happiness, blessings, and strong luck to thousands of Filipinos through it's potent and powerful charms and will always have the mission to bring luck, prosperity and eternal happiness to more Filipinos as the company believes all Filipinos deserve the best luck and all to live the life of their dreams with the help of strong and powerful lucky charms.