The Minimalist Collection Vol. 2

The Minimalist Collection just got BIGGER now with equally enchanting pendants that provide charms and luck on MONEY, PROTECTION, AFFECTION, and, PEACE AND HARMONY. 


Under The Minimalist Collection Volume Two are the following: 

💎 Lucky Genie - The most powerful pendant of Adarna & Charms have yet to offer. Those who wear Lucky Genie equips themself immense luck in their life may it be in Wealth/Money/Business, Career, Family, Friends, Health, and Love & Romance 

Amoris (Love Locket) - Derived from the name Amoris which means deep love and affection. The Amoris or Love Locket is a charm that provides shared protection on the relationship between the giver and the wearer. Amoris can also be personalized by inserting the picture of someone you love inside as a visual reminder of who your heart belongs to. 

Charlotte & Odillia (The Pearl and the Goldbar) - Preferred to be sold as a set to maximize the charms' power in providing energies towards having good and sustainable wealth

Idris & Leos (Lock and Key) - Also suggested being sold as a set to also maximize the charms' power in providing security and protection in all aspects of the wearer's assets in both physical (house, vehicle, money, etc.) and emotional (heart health, decision-making, etc).

Hayli (The Moon) - The moon as we know it always has represented peace and harmony, our charm isn't any different as it is also blessed to provide peace and harmony to anyone who wears it. It promotes good flow in all the energies received by the wearer and keeping things in check and in perfect balance.