Golden Arrowhead Talisman
Golden Arrowhead Talisman
Golden Arrowhead Talisman
Golden Arrowhead Talisman
Golden Arrowhead Talisman
Golden Arrowhead Talisman
Golden Arrowhead Talisman
Golden Arrowhead Talisman
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Golden Arrowhead Talisman

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The Golden Arrowhead Talisman by Adarna & Charms


The Golden Arrowhead Talisman is also known to many as the "Arrowhead Talisman". This charm is considered one of the oldest charms originating from 7000 to 5000 BC.

It is widely used in South Americas to ward off and protect themselves from evil, negative energy, and bad luck. They also use it as a good luck charm to guide them in their journey and attract success in MONEY&PROSPERITY. 

The Crystal Arrowhead Stone is useful to everyone who wants to maintain protection and well-being, attract prosperity and wealth, and guiding energy in their journey. Keep the charm close to you at all times for maximum protection.

The Golden Arrowhead Talisman includes the following:
💎14Karat Yellow Gold Halo (value of P1599!) - which attracts infinite prosperity&luck in money.It also symbolizes completeness and balance. The Circle of Life!
💎14Karat Golden Thread (value of P1199!) acts as the bridge between the arrowhead pendant and the golden circle pendant which binds the two together for unity and completeness of the Golden Arrowhead Talisman charm!
💎White "Arrowhead" Crystal (value of P1599!) white crystal is considered a great source of positive energy. It amplifies energy by absorbing, storing, and releasing it to wearer. White crystals are claimed to be a natural source of great positive energy to provide the wearer well-being&positivity! 
💎The charm symbolizes strength and power, good luck&prosperity, and powerful protection

💎FREE 3x Palo Santo (value of P599! Only until supplies last!) - Originated from Brazil to ward off bad spirits and bad energies away from your home. Protection charm for the whole family and friends!
💎FREE Enchantment Letter (value of P699!) blessed and cleansed by monks. Addressed to your name -- making the charm to only work for you!
💎FREE 14Karat Yellow Gold Necklace (value of P2599!)
💎FREE Shipping Nationwide (value of P299!) with Cash-on-Delivery!

❗ For only a limited HOLIDAY SALE of P1699 you get the STRONGEST Protection + Wealth Lucky Charm with a total value of more than P8000+ & a 
3-Months Money Back Guarantee* ❗


Change your luck.. TODAY!

*If after 3 months, you still have not felt anything from our charm, we give back your payment no questions asked! 

May also visit our Facebook Album HERE for more Charmers experiencing LIFE-CHANGING Luck with our Golden Arrowhead Talisman!🏹 ✨💪


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