Grand Lucky Genie Bracelet Ver.
Grand Lucky Genie Bracelet Ver.
Grand Lucky Genie Bracelet Ver.
Grand Lucky Genie Bracelet Ver.
Grand Lucky Genie Bracelet Ver.
Grand Lucky Genie Bracelet Ver.
Adarna & Charms

Grand Lucky Genie Bracelet Ver.

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Grand Lucky Genie Bracelet Version 🧞💪✨ by Adarna & Charms

The STRONGEST Lucky Charm in Asia now comes in a Bracelet

A lot of our Dear Charmers have asked for a bracelet version of our Best-Selling Lucky Charm, Grand Lucky Genie. And now it has arrived. Made with the same powerful materials. The Lucky Genie bracelet also holds the same strong, powerful and extremely lucky elements.  💪✨

Grand Lucky Genie Bracelet is also made from enchanted pendant with origins from the magical waters of Matsu Island in Taiwan combined with the enchantments of Sahara Desert sands in Egypt and now comes in more turquoise marble stones that bring any user strong luck in Money&Income, Business, Career & Work, Love and Relationships, Education & Studies, FamilySTRONGER Money&Income Luck if 7Karat Yellow Gold! 

Lucky Genie Bracelet when near its owner helps remove bad energies from the wearer and their environment. You will instantly feel its good energy!

The charm can also be recharged by exposure through Sunlight or simply your phone's UV ray flashlight! Charging only takes 10-20 seconds! Once charged, it attracts more GOOD ENERGY and LUCK

Grand Lucky Genie Bracelet includes the following: 

💎 Strong Luck Charm with over 15000+ HAPPY CHARMERS!

💎 Uses the power of the Sun to provide positive vibes and repels negative energies

💎 Pang-habambuhay na charm! No need to replace every year unlike ibang charms!

💎 Turquoise marble stones (value of P899!) attracts peace and happiness!

💎 Strong diamond gorilla glass (value of P999!) nagproprotekta sa laman ng lucky pendant!

💎Gold specks that attract MONEY&INCOME (value of P1199!)

💎Majestic and Magical Matsu Water from Taiwan known around the world to carry positive energy attracting great luck&fortune! (value of P1499!)

💎Enchanted Sahara Dessert Sand from Egypt one of the oldest known dessert in the world that carries great luck especially in MONEY&PROSPERITY, POWER, and HAPPINESS!  (value of P1799!)

💎 FREE Adjustable Sterling Silver or 7Karat Yellow Gold Bracelet (value of P1999 to P2499!) -- Hypo-allergenic and Non-Tarnish -- the charm bracelet will not fade! STRONGER Money luck if 7Karat Yellow Gold!

💎 FREE Enchantment letter (value of P599!) addressed to your name -- or the person you will be giving it to. The charm will only work for you! 

💎FREE Premium Luxury Box (value of P399!)


❗ For only a limited MEGA HOLIDAY SALE of P1299 for Grand Lucky Genie Sterling Silver, P1599 for Grand Lucky Genie 7Karat Yellow Gold -- stronger money luck for yellow gold! You get the STRONGEST Lucky Charm in Asia with a total value of more than 9000+PESOS & a 3-Months Money Back Guarantee* ❗

LIMITED STOCKS! Up to 65% off!

Change your luck.. TODAY!

*If after 3 months, you still have not felt any luck from the charm, we give back your payment no questions asked! 

Grand Lucky Genie 🧞💪✨ by Adarna & Charms

May also visit our Facebook Album HERE for more Charmers experiencing LIFE-CHANGING Luck with our Grand Lucky Genie! 🧞✨💪



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