2024 Lucky Charm Collection

Adarna & Charms present the STRONGEST Luck Charms for 2024 -- Grand Lucky Genie, Golden Arrowhead Talisman and Golden Dragon Pouch. The so-called "Big 3" are multi-awarded and internationally recognized as the STRONGEST luck charms in Asia with pure positive energy attraction and money & wealth attraction. Equip yourselves with the best luck charms in Asia and bring prosperity in your 2024!

NEW and IMPROVED Grand Lucky Genie! An enchanted pendant made from the magical waters of Matsu Island in Taiwan combined with the enchantments of Sahara Desert sands in Egypt that bring any user immense luck in their everyday life in Money and Wealth, Business, Career and Work, Good Health, Love and Relationships, Education and Studies, Family, and in Friends. Make a wish with the all-around luck charm, Grand Lucky Genie! 

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The Golden Arrowhead Talisman is also known to many as the "Arrowhead Talisman". It is widely used in South Americas to ward off and protect themselves from evil, negative energy, and bad luck. They also use it as a good luck charm to guide them in their journey and attract success in MONEY&PROSPERITY!

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The Golden Dragon Pouch originated from Itsukushima, Japan and from the Ural Mountains of Russia. Golden Dragon Money Pouch is also a combination of two luck charms making the Golden Dragon Pouch the STRONGEST and the MOST POWERFUL MONEY MAGNET CHARM available in Asia! Attract Luck in Money, Power & Prosperity with Golden Dragon Money Pouch! '

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*If after 3 months, you still have not felt anything from our charm, we give back your payment no questions asked!